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Birka Cruises

UX architecture
Visual design
Web Development
Booking System
Web Design

Birka Cruises is Sweden's leading cruise company, departing daily from Stockholm to Finland (and with many other destinations besides). They take onboard 330,000 guests annually.

In 2016 we teamed up with Birka as their Digital Partner in developing a new digital experience for their customers, the goal being to increase their online sales revenue.

A trip on a Birka Cruise Ship starts when the guest lands at ‘birka.se’. Everything from Spa treatments, VIP tables and the trip itself can be purchased before even stepping onboard.

The whole birka.se user experience was built up by Delorean with clear user focus, strategic design and a complex, yet user-friendly system that handles over 5,000 bookings per month. We worked in close proximity to Birka, completing a very complex integration with their booking system and CRM. The latter is currently one of the leading solutions for integrated cruise ship-booking systems worldwide.

Our collaboration with Birka Cruises is ongoing and we keep on optimising their online operations with stunning results.

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