Delorean Creative Space

Delorean’s Creative Space is a free-to-rent (hourly or daily) workspace in the middle of Sthlm City, designed to accommodate up to ten people. It’s fully stocked with everything you need to get your creative energy flowing; a large workspace/meeting table for up to 10 people, music, two big cozy sofas, double whiteboards and a cute kitchen. The meeting table also conveniently doubles as a ping-pong table if you need to take a break! 

Since the Creative Space used to act as our trusted film- and photo studio, it’s equipped with all the film/photo gear you might need (ie backdrop, lighting, tripods etc) in case you need to shoot anything or put together a case.

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Who is it for?

Our space is primarily for a group of students wanting and needing a creative space outside of school (i.e. Hyper Island, Berghs School of Communication or similar). It’s also designated for youtubers & influencers that need a place to shoot their stuff. If you happen to be neither, but still feel the urge to borrow it anyway, please email us and let us know who you are.

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Creative space

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"Ready-to-go" film studio

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Cozy sofas

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8-10 people work area

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Why is it free?

Even though we love our little creative sanctuary and use it ourselves, sometimes we are just too busy building stuff for our clients and it just left empty. And also, we love meeting new people. We think that interesting stuff can happen if you mix and match ideas and that’s why we like to have other creative people around.

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